About Deutsche Grundriss AG

We are a growing international shareholders company with headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. With more than 10 years of experience and a team with over 100 people within the group (as of 2016) we are happy to provide our services to more than 5.000 customers worldwide. Our target group is the real estate industry, to whom we offer specialized solutions in the following areas: marketing graphics, customer care services and software.

Imagine what will be possible when
all properties will be available in digital form all over the world.

Real estate viewing is not limited by time and space, making visits and tours possible from any distance; space planning is an interactive children's game now; meetings and collaboration receive a new dimension in virtual spaces. With currently 100 employees within the group and in the near future with over 500 creative and innovative minds, we are working to implement our vision of digital property into reality.

Artur Grasberger as CEO and co-founder is responsible for the company expansion, vision definition, management coaching and introduction of modern management techniques.

Success and creativity due to happy employees

Our company owes its growth and success to the dedicated and motivated team of business unit managers, product and project managers, team leaders and specialists in various fields.

Our modern, networked and interactive management promotes a creativity driven business environment. Happy employees perform better and are the driving force behind the steady growth of our company.

Our main business guidelines

  • The customer benefit is the top priority
  • Time saving is the most important benefit of our customer
  • Setting standards by continuously developing innovative trends in the real estate marketing
  • High quality at a competitive price achieved through good trainings, optimized workflows and suitable locations
  • Offering complete and customized solutions for our products